2000mg CBD/ CBG THC Free Tinctures


1000mg CBG/ 1000mg CBD


50:50 BLEND

One dropper contains approximately 33mg CBD and 33mg CBG.

1oz (30ml) bottles.


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Our CBD/CBG tincture is a perfect balance of two beneficial cannabinoids. Blended in MCT derived from coconuts and tested for perfect potency.

CBG, like CBD, is known for its great anti-inflammatory benefits. However, CBG is better known for its role in improving overall gut health and aiding in the treatment of conditions like Glaucoma and Irritable Bowel Syndrome.


Ingredients: MCT Coconut Oil, CBD Isolate THC Free (Cannabidiol), CBG Isolate THC Free (Cannabigerol).


One dropper containsapproximately 33mg CBD and 33mg CBG.


1oz (30ml) bottles.