Why is Testing Important?

What is Third Party Testing & Why is it so important?

What is Third Party Testing?

The Hemp Industry has been a growing and even flooded market since the passing of  the 2018 Farm bill. Most manufacturers have the best intentions but it is safe to say that there will always be a bad apple in the bucket. As with any product you should always be aware of the source of the products you consume or use and what is in them. This is why Third party Testing is so important. 

Third Party Testing is when a manufacturer sends a product to an unbiased lab for testing to assure the consumer what is on the label is actually inside the product. 

What should you look for in testing:


There are several things you should look for in testing as the consumer.

Why Is Testing so Important?

Third party testing is essential for the transparency of any company and their products. It seeks to verify that a company and it’s products comply with all of the regulatory agencies that a manufacturer should adhere to. All manufacturers have their own quality control processes and measures, however the unbias results from third parties are a crucial part in providing this information to the consumer, thus insuring accuracy and legitimacy of product contaminants and values. 


If you have to request results they should always be provided to you timely. 

At High Tide Holistics we third party test all of our products with a GMP, ISO compliant facility. We proudly display all of our results here on our website as well as available here through the GLL website. Transparency and Trust go hand and hand here at High Tide Holistics, so you can feel confident in your CBD brand. 

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