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How do we know our products work?

It’s simple. We use them ourselves. In fact, we created these products specifically as safe alternatives to ease certain ailments occurring within our family. However, it wasn’t long before we saw the potential these products held that could benefit our entire community. With the need of healthy alternatives for pain and anxiety relief emerging throughout society, we knew it was time to take the leap–and that sparked the creation of High Tide Holistics. We are so grateful to be here to serve the finest CBD to our community and yours. 


“For me, this is just so personal. We are totally committed to providing the safest and purest product we possibly can. We couldn’t do it any other way. We do it because we care deeply about what goes into the CBD we’re using for ourselves and selling to others, and we do it because we know our customers care, too.”  Gary, Owner

How High Tide Holistics started.......

In 2016, the hard-working Runnells family was facing some trying times. They heard a story on the radio about an out-of-state company that had begun selling a line of CBD tinctures for chronic aches and anxiety disorders–both of which happened to be greatly impacting the family at the time. With the recent passage of Question 1 in Maine earlier that year, legalized Cannabis was all over the news, but the uses of other legal compounds of the Cannabis Sativa plant were relatively unknown in Maine. The Runnells family decided to take the dive head-first and ordered a sample of the CBD tincture.


Gary (father and husband) who hadn’t slept through a night in months due to chronic pain and anxiety, got his first full night of peaceful rest after just one dose of the CBD tincture. This was the first step in a journey that would bring the Runnells family back home full time.

“It inspired us to build a new life around healing and helping others, as founding owners of High Tide Holistics, Inc.”

Family Owned & Operated

The process of building a cutting-edge business from the ground up in a brand-new market was certainly a challenge, but the birth of our son with a rare genetic skin disorder confirmed for us that  we were on the right track.


When making decisions as a parent, you must feel completely confident about whatever it may be you are choosing to try with your child. We got to work immediately. and produced some of the highest quality topical CBD skin creams to aid our son right in our own lab. 


“We were overwhelmed to see how quickly the CBD treatment took effect, with an almost immediate relief response.”

It was then they knew that they had to share what they found and how they felt with everyone.

“to us, it was a miracle.”

Animals show us what works!

As Dueley–the beloved family dog–got older, he began to show symptoms of muscle and joint pain in the way he moved about. The symptoms progressed to be so severe that they were afraid they may lose him. Here is a quote from the owner himself about the beloved pet’s life-changing CBD experience:

“We started a daily regimen of our pet tincture, the same full-spectrum CBD formula we sell to our customers. We felt so grateful we could give him that, because it gave him a lot of relief in his last two years, and he could be active again like when he was young.”


The drastic health improvements brought on from products created by the High Tide Holistic family have repeatedly proven that natural soothing and healing products are safe and effective. Validation of the Runnells family’s work is in the people around them, and also in the customers who return again and again for the High Tide Holistics products that offer them relief.

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