CBD & Your Pet

CBD & Your Pet

Is Bingo having a hard time getting around? Does he have anxiety when you’re at work? Does he need more encouragement to clean his bowl as he ages? CBD may be the answer.

CBD has been known to do amazing things for humans but did you know that it can be beneficial to man’s best friend too? Its true! Our furry friends have an ECS (endocannabinoid) system just like us. Now we can try natural alternatives to help our pets through all kinds of issues.


CBD is a wonderfully powerful anti-inflammatory and Lucky here is feeling that arthritis blues. CBD to the rescue!! CBD has been known to help pets (dogs especially) and humans alike with its anti-inflammatory properties. CBD helps reduce swelling within the joints so that moving is easier and less painful. 

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Does Bingo chew your shoes when you leave or hide when company is over? A lot of pups suffer from anxiety and with the natural calming effects of CBD you and your pet relax and enjoy life. The compounds of CBD work with the ECS to produce the calming effect.


CBD has been known to increase your pets appetite with out having any psychoactive effects. Keeping our furry friends full of healthy nutrition can be difficult as they age or with illness and CBD can help.


More Benefits

More and more studies are showing that CBD derived from industrial hemp can help our pets in even more severe cases. 

CBD has been shown to decrease the duration/ length of seizures and even the amount of episodes. 

CBD has also been reported by some to reduce tumor size and aid in the overall positivity of the body’s cells.

Dosing Guidelines for Pets

Making the Choice to treat your pet with CBD is a natural and safe choice. However, like anything else all pets are individual and dosing may need to be adjusted depending on weight and the aliment being treated. 

First, we always recommend that you talk to your veterinarian before starting your pet on a CBD regimen. Most vets will give advice but will say that they cannot actually “prescribe” CBD, do to it not being FDA Approved

Dosing instructions are commonly used as follows: 1-3 mg per 10lbs body weight. We always recommend starting your pet on the lower dose and working up from there. There are always exceptions to the rules.

(~My 70lb dog [Lab] takes 50-60mg daily for her severe arthritis and does well.  H. Runnells) 

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